Ithaca woman's ex-boyfriend arrested in situation that draws SWAT team

Ricky Stewart Jr.

Ithaca police arrested a man Monday afternoon after a situation that drew a SWAT team.

Early Monday afternoon, the Ithaca Police Department received a call about a domestic incident on Abbott Lane. Officers say they spoke to the female victim who lives in an apartment in the Abbott Lane complex.

Police say the victim told them that her ex-boyfriend, Ricky Stewart Jr., forced his way into her apartment, and then harassed her. According to police, the victim told them Stewart Jr. then shoved her outside the apartment and locked her out with her three children still inside the apartment.

Police say the woman ran away and then called police.

Ithaca police say they tried to speak to Stewart Jr. inside the apartment, but their attempts were unsuccessful, and it appeared he had barricaded himself inside.

Police say they started to clear the area and called in the Ithaca Police Department SWAT Team. They searched the victim's apartment, but Stewart Jr. wasn't there.

SWAT officers then learned a neighbor was allowing Stewart Jr. to hide in her apartment. Police say the neighbor had been interviewed by responding officers, but she had lied to police about hiding Stewart Jr. in her apartment.

Stewart Jr. is charged with criminal contempt, burglary, endangering the welfare of a child, and more.

The neighbor could also be charged.