J-D baseball team supports friend and former teammate with cancer

Hats worn by JD team


n many ways, this baseball game is like many others.

Filled with singles, strike outs and stolen bases.

If you look closely, you will see instantly why this game is different.

Jack Sheridan is a pitcher for Christian Brothers Academy. His team lost to Jamesville DeWitt in last week's Section 3 Championship Game, but the game was the last thing his friends Dylan McGee and Alexander Ferlenda on JD were thinking of.

"I remember my friend Xander came up to me after we won our sectional game and told me that he was diagnosed with leukimia and all my excitement from winning that game just went right down from there and I just felt bad for Jack," says McGee.

"I just wanna have him in my head as inspiration for me," says Ferlenda.

After starting his weekly round of chemo at Golisano Children's Hospital, Jack came right over to watch many of his longtime friends play in the state semi-finals as they fight off fastballs to help him in his fight with leukimia.

"We decided to put JS on the side of our hat, just so we're playing for Jack and we're always there for him," says McGee.

"He's basically like an inspiration, we just think about him the whole game and we pray for him," says Ferlenda.

Jack's family says this cancer has a 98 percent survival rate and hope he will be cancer free within 6-8 months.

Jordan Sheridan is Jack's sister. "Well his goal is to be back before Jose Fernandez, who is the pitcher on the Miami Marlins. He just had Tommy John surgery so he'll be out for about a year, so Jack's goal is to be back before he is," says Sheridan.

Even with a loss, this J-D team knows a more important battle is still ahead of them.

"The win, help him get though this and beat it," says Ferlenda.

This effort goes beyond the JD team, as other baseball and lacrosse teams from around the area are getting behind Jack in the exact same way as he starts on his road to recovery.