Jackie Robinson honored with portion of city street named "Jackie Robinson Parkway"

Jackie Robinson Way, the 1000 block of James Street

The City of Syracuse dedicated a section of one of its most heavily traveled roads to Jackie Robinson.

The 1000 block of James Street, which is between Oak and DeWitt Streets and home to WSTM/CNYCentral, was named "Jackie Robinson Parkway."

"It was an inspiration to all those following in my footsteps. I wanted to open doors, not just be the first to come through but to make sure others followed in my footsteps and give them an opportunity to know that they could do the same thing too," said Jackie. "I have been blessed by loyal faithful viewers that have watched all these years and I can't thank them enough. I love Syracuse and I hope that shows. I wanted to do anything, and everything that I could to improve our community and make it different every single day."

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner and Common Council President Van Robinson both spoke at the dedication.

"None of us can really understand what it means to break barriers but we read about it in the history books and the pressure that comes from breaking those barriers and for being the first to do something and then continue to do itand the kind of pressure and things that get asked of you, sometimes for the positive and sometimes aren't," said Mayor Miner. "You are an institution to us in the way that you have carried yourself, with grace and dignity and have represented us across the state and across this country. We are pleased to call you one of our own."

This was just one of several high honors to come for the legendary former anchorwoman this week.

Jackie was inducted into the New York State Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame on Wednesday and was honored at a Community Retirement Celebration on Thursday night at the Oncenter.

Jackie retired from WSTM-TV nearly three months ago, after 34 years.