Jailed father Jevon Wameling changes his story about the night his infant son died

Jevon Wameling

A jailed Utica man has changed his story about the circumstances surrounding the death of his infant son over the summer.

In a

letter written to the Utica Observer-Dispatch

and posted Thursday morning, 27-year-old Jevon Wameling says he was not â??completely straightforwardâ?? when he told an O-D reporter and police his nine-month-old son disappeared from his home on the night of May 29. Wameling now says he found the baby â??dead in his sleepâ??, and it was because he was â??scared out of his mindâ?? that he lied about the boyâ??s status and whereabouts.

Jevon Wameling originally reported his son was missing, through an attorney, two weeks later on June 11. He said at the time that his son was taken from the porch of his Jay Street home. After police searched throughout Utica and Oneida County for nearly three months, Levonâ??s body was found by police dive teams inside a container in the Mohawk River on September 6. Police say the container was filled with rocks, and the boy had suffered a skull fracture.

Wamelingâ??s letter to the O-D does not indicate what happened to his son after he was discovered deceased. Jevon has not been charged in connection with the death of his son, though officials continue to investigate the case. He did write that he does â??love my son with all my heartâ?? and â??that night I losed (sic) my life and my mind.â??

Wameling is currently in jail on unrelated burglary and drug conspiracy charges, and was in Oneida County Court Wednesday where he pleaded not guilty to the drug charges.

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a copy of the letter from the Observer-Dispatch.

A woman who befriended Jevon Wameling before and after the baby disappeared asked not to be identified, but told our Jim Kenyon that Jevon confided in her. She says Jevon told her he would give the baby Loco, an alcoholic drink and blow marijuana in the baby's face to make him go to sleep. She says she can believe the claim that the baby died in his sleep.

The Utica Police Chief was not available for an interview. The District Attorney is not commenting on the case.