Jamesville-DeWitt parents work to save JV sports

Jamesville-DeWitt school budget forums haven't drawn huge crowds in the past, but parents filled the meeting room in the high school on Tuesday night for an overview of the budget process.

Several of the parents said they just wanted a better understanding of how the budget process would work and how much the district had to work with. Modified and JV sports would have been eliminated this spring if parents hadn't come up with $48,000 in donations - and now parents want the district to resume funding.

"We're trying to give kids a chance to do something in a positive way rather than get themselves into trouble or just sit at home playing Xbox and Call of Duty," said J-D parent Eric Johnson.

The Jamesville-DeWitt school district hasn't officially cut out modified sports for next year, but they did give the public a look at the grim realities of the budget process. State aid is going down, stimulus funds have gone away and cost continue to rise. The district will also have to deal with a 2% property tax cap.

Rose Boyton knows the district will be facing a budget crunch but she says sports help children learn teamwork and perseverance - and she doesn't want her three kids to miss out.

"I figured it would be there for my children - I'm rather shocked it may not be there and adamantly believe we need it in our budget," said Boyton.

Donations from the community saved spring modified sports but parents say it's unlikely that volunteers will be able to come up with that money every year.

"We're hoping that the state and local government and the school board will do what they can to reinstate the funding so we won't have to continue asking the community to come up with money out of their own pockets," said Johnson.

Johnson said parents still need another $14,000 dollars to keep modified sports this fall.