Jamesville neighbors surprised by the Glen Loch shutting down

Glen Loch restaurant


any people in and around Jamesville were surprised when they drove past the Glen Loch restaurant on Monday and saw a for sale sign posted right on the building.

"I think it's sad for Jamesville to lose an establishment like the Glen Loch. I was really surprised to see the for sale sign up I drive by it every day. I just noticed it one my way to work," says Kazina-Motsch.

Anthony Brooks worked at this local landmark as a cook until last fall right before new owners took over. He says customers he served there will be the ones who have lost the most.

"They'll definitely miss it, like you said, they've been around for decades and people got accustomed to that restaurant. Now that they're gone you're either gonna miss it or move on from it," says Brooks.

Customers like Josh Sargrad who remembers this restaurant well.

"Delicious yummy food mainly. It was awesome that place is good. In particular I liked the cheesy shrimps," says Sargrad.

Even though they have been in the community for more then 4 decades -- there are still some neighbors who have heard good things and were planning on coming here for their first time. After seeing this restaurant fade away, they won't have that opportunity anymore.

Darrick Anderson was one of those customers who will not be able to go there now. "There are a lot of places like that here in the area that have been open for decades and it's sad to see something like that go, but hopefully something that is profitable will come and take its place," says Anderson.