Jarod Miller teaches about wildlife conservation at the State Fair

Jarod Miller at the Great New York State Fair.

Jarod Miller has traveled all over the world. He gave people of all ages the chance to learn about the animals he's worked with all his life.

Miller was a special guest today for the shows at the Hawk Creek Wildlife Center. He came to the center with a message, wanting people and animals to better co-exist and live in a better environment.

"Kids are going to be able to see up close, a baby alligator, a baby kangaroo, a lemur. Some really amazing animals," says Miller. "We tell kids like even to help an animal, if your mom pours cooking grease down the drain, it eventually ends up in our waterways which effects birds so there's all little things that kids can do to learn about but really it's to get them excited about it first."

While Miller says he knows most people don't work with animals, he wants everyone to walk away with something more than just a fun fact about an armadillo or a kangaroo.

Kayleigh Galbraith was one of the dozens who were watching Miller this afternoon. "It brings awareness to everybody. Things that they might not have known, that they need to know. It might help Earth and make it healthier and stop hurting it," says Galbraith.

"When it comes to seeing animals like a bird of prey or a kangaroo, seeing these animals up close. I think it really grabs the kids and fosters a better understanding for them, because they saw it with their own two eyes," says Miller.

Miller has appeared on the Conan O'Brien show, Jay Leno and the show Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller.