Jazz Fest wraps up this weekend at Jamesville Beach

Jazz Fest 2013


azz has a way of bringing people together, especially families like the Stoddard family, who have a history of playing at Jazz Fest. The Liverpool family came out today to hear the town's high school jazz band perform.

Lorraine Stoddard is the older sister of the pianist up on stage this afternoon. "I actually played music with a guest trumpet player who's up there and my brother played with the conductor too. A lot of families, it's great to see people come back to the program and see younger siblings playing," says Lorraine Stoddard.

This is the festival's second year at Jamesville Beach Park, having moved from Onondaga Community College. This is also the last day people were able to see Jazz for free this weekend.

Frank Malifitano founded this festival 31 years ago. "It's really been a very smooth festival this year -- we've had a great weekend, we're liking this new weekend and apparently everyone else is to," says Malifitano. "I think everyone has been here once, if not many more times in the 31 years since we've been around. I think it's a great American music festival. I think it celebrates the community, it's free. It's big name, big time entertainment. It's really part of the fabric and cultural life here in Syracuse and CNY. It's a special event, it's a tradition and it's become an institution."

Carrie Stoddard is also one of the sisters in the music loving family. "

It's pretty cool this is a cool place they used to do it over at OCC, but out in the open there's the big field everyone can come out and sit and watch and enjoy some good music.