Jenna Hinman passes away after two-month battle with cancer

The wife of a Fort Drum soldier and recent mother of twins has passed away after her fight with Choriocarcinoma, a rare placenta cancer.

The Prayers for Jenna Facebook page posted the news at 7:10 Monday night.

Jenna was fighting the cancer for two months, and Sunday night the Facebook page posted news that she had developed pneumonia, which had weakened her considerably.

Neighbors were devastated by the news of Jenna's passing. "It's a great loss for their family, and I can't imagine if it was my wife in that situation," said Paul Mordes.

"I have two children and it would devastate me - well, it would devastate them - if that happened to me," said Megan Keeley of Constantia.

The creators of the page asked for privacy for the family as they mourn, and went on to say, "Jenna fought this disease with everything she had and we are so proud of her amazing courage and for blessing the world with two precious little angels. Until we meet again, we love you, gorgeous girl."