Jenna Hinman surrounded by family when she died

The family of Jenna Hinman was by her side when she died Monday at Crouse Hospital.

Jenna's uncle John Warter tells CNYCentral she was surrounded by her husband Brandon, her parents, grandparents and other family members in her hospital bed.

Warter wants to thank the Central New York community for their incredible support during such a difficult time. He says the family is shocked and devastated by Jenna's death since she was doing better recently and they were optimistic about her recovery. Earlier this week, she suffered a setback when she developed pneumonia.

Warter says the Hinman twins are doing well. "They are adorable," he told CNYCentral by phone. "The family was together yesterday, holding the babies and crying together."

Hinman delivered the twin girls Azlynn and Kinleigh at 30 weeks of pregnancy. The wife of Brandon Hinman, a Fort Drum solder, was having trouble breathing when she was rushed in for an emergency c-section. She was diagnosed with a rare form of pregnancy cancer called Choriocarcinoma.

Funeral arrangements are still being worked out.