Jim Boeheim brushes off NCAA investigation reports

Jim Boeheim laughs off questions about NCAA investigation

After reported on Wednesday that Syracuse University was under NCAA investigation for a period of years, SU head basketball coach Jim Boeheim was asked about the report at his NCAA Tournament press conference on Wednesday night.

When first asked, Boeheim squinted his eyes, saying, "..same story they had last year at this time. I guess that's the annual...I guess next year we'll get it again."

The mediator at the press conference told reporters to refrain from asking about issues other than basketball, but Boeheim said, "No that's fine, I don't mind, you can ask 100 of them."

The topic turned to SU's upcoming game with Montana for a few minutes, but the conversation steered back to the NCAA investigation. When asked if he thought the news would bother or distract his players leading up to Thursday's game, Boeheim said he was not sure if his players even knew about the investigation.

He was also asked about the timing of the report, coming out just before the Orange's first NCAA Tournament game, Boeheim once again shrugged it off, smiling and saying, "It doesn't bother me, at all, we're concerned with playing Montana."

The Orange tips off against Montana on Thursday night in San Jose, California around 10 p.m. EST.