Jim Boeheim thinks 'neutral' party needs to decide future of I-81 in Syracuse

With debate continuing over how to deal with the aging stretch of I-81 in Syracuse, Coach Jim Boeheim thinks a neutral party needs to decide.

"A lot of the people we've heard from on this issue have self interest. In fact, they all have self-interests, so I think this needs to come from some outside expert," Boeheim said Monday evening after his team's narrow win over St. Francis at The Carrier Dome.

"Somebody who knows a hell of a lot more about it than me needs to decide, I sure as hell don't know." "When they start asking for community input it makes me wonder - and I guess that is the politically correct thing to do, but that's like me asking you guys who should I play?!" Boeheim said.

The coach said professionals in urban planning and development need to make the decision. "They should come up with the plan and I think that is probably not easy, and that is why it has been so controversial. Whatever they come up with I'm sure a lot of people will think it is the wrong decision," Boeheim added.

The State Department of Transportation has just entered a

new phase

of the ongoing project to determine the environmental impact of the options for dealing with the aging, elevated highway. The most talked about options on the table include rebuilding the structure, re-routing traffic and creating an urban boulevard or building a tunnel.