Jingle Mingle brings new customers to businesses for the holiday season

Mr. Shop in Armory Square.


ingle Mingle has only just begun.

John Massara is with Mr. Shop, he was paired up with Kitty Hoyne's and Michael Heagerty. "Well this is the first time they've done it, so hopefully it'll be great and we can bring more people downtown," says Massara. "In the last ten years, obviously we've really seen a lot of growth in the area," says Heagerty.

With 18 restaurants pairing up with 18 boutiques on Thursday night, they're hoping mixing and mingling will help each other form a new customer base.

"There's a lot of people that may not have been exposed to some of the great shopping and restaurants that are down here and hopefully they come down tonight, it'll be a lot of fun," says Massara.

This effort by the downtown committee is a way to get people to shop locally in armory square this holiday season.

Neighbors like Maggie Wilkerson.

"It's weird but cool, it's different definitely different. I haven't really seen a lot of things like that," says Wilkerson.


aggie may have come out looking for some music here at sound garden but she found out the Gannon's Isle Ice Cream has something to offer her too.

She likes the idea of seeing these stores and restaurants come together and show off each other's shoes and food samples in one place.

Many involved with the event say they would like to see it again.

"Maybe a seasonal thing where it happen more than once a year, ya know?" says Heagerty.

As they work together to make downtown the place where everyone wants to mingle year round.

Many businesses say they have seen business increase dramatically, especially for a weeknight.

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