Protesters rally before, during and after Town Hall with John Katko

Protesters continued to voice concerns during Town Hall event, calling on Congressman Katko to hold more open events

At Onondaga Community College the "free speech" zone was filled with people both rallying before, after and during Congressman John Katko's town hall.

These demonstrators lined the quad on the campus and even though they weren't inside the event, they still had plenty to say.

"John Katko come on out," was one of the many phrases rally-goers chanted on Monday night, hoping the Republican Congressman would hear from inside the Storer Auditorium.

Demonstrators used the time during the town hall to pose their own questions and to make a statement.

"He's being chicken. That's silly. We're not scary people, we're here to get answers from him, we're here to get information from him and he's just not willing to give it," Jennifer Staples from Fayetteville said.

Callie Humphrey is only 16-years-old, but she is already involved in local and national politics and even wants to study it in college.

"I'm going to be voting in the next election I should really be involved and I'd like an open dialogue with any candidate that might be running in the next election," Humphrey explained.

She also said she wants Congressman Katko to re-think the way he does his next town hall and to include more people.

"Yes I really would like it if Congressman Katko did have an open town hall I feel like the fact that he's limiting to only 150 of his constituents,I mean he has thousands of constituents that aren't getting their voices heard," Humphrey said.

As the 150 constituents sat inside questioning Rep. Katko, protesters tried to stand up for what they felt was democracy outside.

However, some say even though it is comforting the Congressman is having a town hall in the first place, it just still isn't enough.

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