Judge Kim Seager subject of official meeting after numerous complaints lodged against her

Family Court Judge Kim Seager

Oswego County Administrator Phil Church confirms to CNY Centralâ??s Jim Kenyon that there was a private meeting on Friday regarding numerous complaints about Family Court Judge Kim Seager.

Church says the meeting involved members of the legislature, community leaders and representatives of the Unified Court System.

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Church says he can not disclose further information.

"I canâ??t go into specifics, but I can say it was useful," says Church.

He says there will be another meeting with the Unified Court System in the near future.

As we reported earlier this year, Oswego County lawmakers sent a letter to Judge Seagerâ??s superior, Chief Administrative Judge James Tormey, following a high level meeting with representatives of local law enforcement, and the Department of Social Services.

After several controversial rulings by Judge Seager, officials have complained that she was placing children in dangerous situations by removing them from foster care.

Judge Kim Seager has refused to comment about the complaints.