Judge rules in Stacey Castor civil suit

David Castor Jr. / file

A new development in the case of notorious murderer Stacey Castor. The son of her murdered husband, David Castor and his first wife, Janice Poissant have won a no holds barred decision from State Supreme Court over the remainder of the Castor estate along with punitive damages.

Castor is currently serving 51 years to life for the murder of David Castor by anti-freeze poisoning and the attempted murder of her own daughter, Ashley Wallace in a failed attempt to blame her for the crimes. Her 2009 trial gained national attention.

Stacey Castor's alleged motive was to seize her dead husband's $300 thousand estate through a forged will. She allegedly conspired with two of her friends, Lynn and Paul Pulaski to sign their names as witnesses to a post-dated will. The couple was granted immunity in exchange for their testimony against Stacey Castor.

After the sensational trial, David Castor's son, David Junior and his mother Janice Poissant, sued Stacey Castor along with Lynn and Paul Pulaski for what was left of the estate. Following a trial in January, State Supreme Court Judge Anthony Paris issued a decision dated December 14th, which awards David Junior and his mother $127,118.65 in compensatory damages, along with $250 thousand in punitive damages.

The wording of Judge Paris' decision leaves no doubt about his feelings toward Castor and the Pulaski's. "it is obvious that Defendants Pulaski were not innocent pawns. They knew what they were doing was wrong and bore false witness to both the Will and Attestation Clause without any hesitancy or reservation." Paris wrote.

He added: "Defendants Pulaski only 'came clean' when the District Attorney's investigators came knocking on their door and they were given immunity in return for their cooperation and testimony in the criminal prosecution of Stacey Castor." In another part of the decision, Judge Paris wrote: "Stacey Castor's criminal conviction and sentence addressed her criminal conduct. However Defendants PULASKI skated away from their criminal responsibility through the receipt of immunity, They will not skate away from their civic responsibility..."

Contacted by phone, Janice Poissant told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon the decision was "awesome." "it's been a really long haul. The one thing I love best is the comment about Pulaski's apology, he said it perfectly." Poissant is referring to Lynn Pulaski's statement during the January trial in which she apologized to David Castor Junior and called Stacey Castor a "monster." Judge Paris called that a "poor me" apology. "the only feel evoked was a feeling of nausea and an urge to vomit."

Paul and Lynn Pulaski have not yet returned our call for comment.

Stacey Castor has also been implicated in the anti-freeze murder of her first husband, Michael Wallace in 2000. She has not yet been prosecuted for that crime.

Read Judge Paris' Order and Decision (.pdf)