July temperatures averaged normal with rainfall above normal

Would it surprise you that July temperatures in Syracuse averaged NORMAL for the month? Yes, despite the recent cooling trend, when you take all the high temperatures and all the whole temperatures for Syracuse here is what you get:

Average Daily High: 81.5° (-0.1° below normal)

Average Daily Low: 61.3° (+0.3° above normal)
Mean Temperature: 71.4° (+0.1° above normal)

There were 2 days where the temperatures reached 90° or higher (July 1st and July 22nd). Overall, most days averaged with temperatures within 5° above or 5° below normal (21 days of 31 days). There were 3 days where the temperature averaged 9° above normal or higher (July 1st, 2nd, and 8th). There were 0 days where the temperature averaged 8° below normal or lower.

Rainfall was 5.18" (+1.40" above normal) mainly due to the deluge of rain on July 28th. However, this rainfall was nowhere near the top 5 wettest Julys on record.

July Precipitation (Normal: 3.78"):
Wettest Julys on record:



















For a day by day break down of Syracuse temperatures go here.

For the monthly climate summary for Syracuse temperatures go here.

Let's not also forget the tragic tornados that ripped through central New York during July 2014. This includes the terrible Smithfield tornado that killed 4 on July 8th. That was part of the same system that caused plenty of power outages and damge around the greater Syracuse area, especially centered on the cities east city and in East Syracuse. For a video recap of that event, click here. There 4 cofirmed tornados during that outbreak. Schuyler county received a tornado on Sunday July 13th.

How does August look? My forecast has temperatures very close to normal for the first 5 days of August. Cooler than normal temperatures may occur for days 6 through 8 Looking ahead past the first week, the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting for August 8th through 14th to be normal temperature-wise. Their forecast, as a whole for the month, describes an equal chance for above or below average temperatures and above or below average precipitation. I will continue to monitor how the weather changes through the month.

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