K-9 Ape was wearing a ballistic vest when killed in Herkimer shootings, police say

Ape, FBI tactical K-9

The FBI tactical K-9 killed in a standoff in Herkimer earlier this month was wearing a ballistic vest, police say.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the Herkimer Police Department says the K-9 dog name Ape was wearing a ballistic vest.

"We want to clear the air about the misconception that Ape was not wearing a vest. Ape was in fact wearing a ballistic vest during this incident. His vest was removed as Ape was transported to the vet. The vest was removed to allow the FBI Medic and his handler to perform life saving aid. K-9 vests are made from the same ballistic materials that our vests are made from. Unfortunately, ballistic vests do not stop everything," the statement reads.

Ape was on duty accompanying FBI agents who were attempting to arrest 64-year-old Kurt R. Myers, of Mohawk, who had been holed up in an abandoned building on North Main Street in Herkimer after a rampage that left four dead and two injured.

Ape was a 2-year-old Czech German Shepherd who had just started working with the FBI in late February. A memorial service for Ape was held last week.

Herkimer Police Charles W Soule PBA says on Facebook that it is raising funds for a memorial for the shooting victims, including Ape.