Karl Karlsen faces additional charges in alleged murder of son for insurance money

Karl Karlsen

A Romulus man accused of killing his son to collect insurance money is charged with four additional charges. The new charges claim he lied under oath and said his son did not have a will.

Seneca County District Attorney Barry Porsch, Sheriff Jack Stenberg and New York State Police, Troop E Major Mark Koss made the announcement at a news conference on Tuesday afternoon at the Seneca County Courthouse in Waterloo.

Karl H. Karlsen, of Romulus, was indicted on charges of with second-degree murder and insurance fraud in November 2012 for allegedly killing his son to claim insurance money in November of 2008.

He is now facing additional charges of felony unlawfully concealing a will, felony second degree perjury, felony first degree making an apparently false statement, and misdemeanor filing a false instrument for filing.

Officials said Karl Karlsenâ??s wife called 911 when she found her son Levi Karlsen, 23, trapped underneath a pickup truck that he was working on in the familyâ??s barn. The jack looked to have slipped, trapping him underneath the vehicle.

Levi Karlsen was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. The cause of death was ruled massive trauma to the chest.

An investigation later revealed that that Karl Karlsen had taken a sizable insurance policy out on his son just days before the incident. It named Karl Karlsen as the sole beneficiary. Levi Karlsen was scheduled to have a medical exam for the insurance policy the day after he died.

The new charges are all related to a will that was handwritten by Levi Karlsen. The will left everything to his father Karl Karlsen. The new charges say Karl Karlsen lied in an affidavit and while under oath when he said his son did not leave a will.

The Seneca County Sheriffâ??s Department says they became aware of the will within the last couple of weeks. Sheriff Jack Stenberg said the Levi Karlsen's will was notarized at a bank just hours before he died in 2008.

"On November 20th, on that morning, we get a document notarized that is a will - and then within a few hours Levi is dead with a vehicle on top of him," said Stenberg.

District Attorney Barry Porsch is looking to have the charges against Karl Karlsen consolidated with the existing charges.

Karl Karlsen pleaded not guilty

following his arraignment in February. In April, he

rejected a plea deal

. He is expected to go on trial in late October.

Following the charges against Karl Karlsen, investigators began looking into a fire that claimed the life of Karlsenâ??s first wife, Christina Karlsen, in California in 1991. Karlsen has said the fire was accidental.

The Post-Standard

reports that Christina Karlsen, 30, died in a fire at the familyâ??s home in northern California on New Years Day. The fire, which started on a kerosene-soaked carpet, was ruled accidental although investigators have suspected otherwise. Christina Karlsen was trapped in bathroom by the fire and Karl Karlsen allegedly left her in the burning house while went to find help, reports the paper. He then left town less than three days later, before his wife was buried. Christinaâ??s father said Karl Karlsen had taken out a large life insurance policy on Christina shortly before her death.

(Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.)

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