Ex-wife writing book about living with Karl Karlsen

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Cindy Best was Karl Karlsen's second wife. She was married to a man who killed his son, is being looked at for the death of his first wife out west right now and also had taken out a life insurance policy of more then one million dollars on Best.

"I would not wish my life on my worst enemy. It was horrible what I went through," says Best.

Even before Karlsen killed his son, Best knew something was simply not right. She tells me his constant lies always had her on edge, usually to do with money. She says she wanted to stay in her marriage until all of the children were older and out of the house, but eventually left him after she became convinced he killed his son in 2008. She's writing a book now with hope it'll help others in a similar situation. It's titled Next In Line: I Married a Murderer.

"For one thing it's healing for me to make something positive come out of something horrible and to empower and educate other women of toxic, narcissistic people."

Detailed in the book are warning signs to know you're living with what she calls a sociopath. In addition to lies, she says making others feel sorry for you is a tell tale sign, she says Karlsen exhibited.

"Not all of them are murderers. Most of them don't even commit crimes, but they are very difficult people to be in a relationship with. Your life will be turned upside down."

She hopes her book will save someone's life and is hopeful to have it published by the end of the year.

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