Keeping your children safe and healthy, even if you're not there

If you leave your children in the care of others, you should have a Consent for Medical Decision form and more

It's not uncommon children to be left in others' care, but if you do, you should make sure the caretaker--a relative or a babysitter, and others as well--have information and more to keep the children safe in an emergency.

Dr. Steven Blatt, pediatrician at Upstate University Hospital, says a 'Consent for Medical Decisions for a Child by Designation' will let the caretaker get 'minor' medical treatment if needed (life-threatening emergencies will be treated in most emergency rooms, even without parental consent) The form is available through Upstate Connect at 800-464-8668.

And besides the form, caretakers should have an emergency contact list, including the child's doctor. And, they should also have a list of the child's medications (or a bag of 'samples') and a list of what a child is allergic to--to answer the first questions an emergency worker will ask.