Keeping your pets safe during cold, winter months

Pets at SPCA in Mattydale spend most time inside during winter.

They may not be able to express it clearly, but your four legged friends can feel the bite in the air during the winter months.

Terri Para, the development director with the CNY SPCA in Mattydale says to keep them comfortable, limit their time outside.

"Right now with the weather know your dog and their breed. It's really important for their safety not to stay outside in the cold too long," says Para.

Use the same rules you would use with yourself or your kids. If it's below zero degrees with a bad wind chill, try to avoid outside activities.

Make sure you keep them on a leash, while walking on snow or ice. And thoroughly wipe them off when they come inside because they can ingest salt or antifreeze while licking their paws.

Also keep in mind puppies are even less tolerant of the cold and may be hard to house-train.

Your pet warms your heart 365 days a year, so make sure to return the favor this winter.