Kevin Bott: 'Mayor Miner lacks tools to deal with homicide crisis'

Kevin Bott, Green Party candidate for Mayor.

Green Party mayoral candidate Kevin Bott called out Mayor Miner on the steps of City Hall Friday, saying she lacks the tools to deal with the issues that plague the city.

Bott said his background in working with prison inmates makes him uniquely qualified to deal with the homicide epidemic in the city, saying the problem stems from the social issues facing the youth of the city.

â??The kinds of crime that weâ??re seeing with young people who are committing murder, this is a result of young people feeling a sense of utter hopelessness and despair about their future.â?? Bott said. â??And (the feeling of hopelessness) is a result of social inequality and a feeling that their opportunities are quite limited.â??

Bott recommended community policing as a way encourage neighbors and police to come together and take ownership of their communities.