Kids playing with matches started Utica fire that killed a baby girl

Utica Police on Friday revealed the cause of last Sunday's fire that killed a baby girl.

Investigators say it was young kids playing with matches who lit a bed on fire that caused the fire.

The Utica Fire Department responded to a structure fire at 1508 Dudley Avenue at about 10:10 a.m. Sunday. The fire killed 6-month-old Marian Omar. There is no word yet on the official cause of death.

Neighbor Will Hawkins was the first on scene the morning of the fire. "When I saw smoke, I just like blacked out, ran upstairs and tried to get in," said Hawkins. "Tried to kick down the door, you know, ram it a couple times, but it started turning black and I couldn't see or breathe, so I came out of the house."

Will said that was when Utica firefighters arrived and entered the burning home, eventually coming out with news that the baby girl had died. "It was shocking, but it was to the point where nobody could really act on it," said Hawkins. "It was just like, unbelievably happening in front of everybody."

Neighbor Kerry Lockwood said neighbors up and down the block have come together to support one another in the wake of the infant's death. Lockwood said the tragedy also serves as a reminder to parents. "You can never take your eyes of your kids," said Lockwood. "Always watch your kids."

This is video taken just as fire crews arrived on the scene. It is very raw, and difficult to watch. When firefighters got there, they found heavy smoke and flames on the second floor with people trapped inside. The infant's parents and four siblings escaped without being hurt. The baby girl died on the scene.

The fire was ruled accidental. No charges have been filed.