Kindle version of the NY SAFE Act available, costs $2

Screen shot of Kindle editon for sale on

The controversial NY SAFE Act is now available for purchase on Amazonâ??s Kindle.

Itâ??s an estimated 175 pages and is priced at $2.00, although it can be accessed for free online.

The description on Amazon reads, in part: "Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation, called the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013 (NY SAFE ACT), to give New York State the most comprehensive gun laws in the nation, which will keep guns out of the hands of potentially dangerous mental health patients and ban high capacity magazines and assault weapons. This bill does not affect rifles and shotguns used by traditional sportsmen and hunters."

It goes on to describe the key provisions of the bill. It notes that the book is being sold by a "private industry," not the United States Government.

The document is currently ranked 347,778 in the Kindle Store, 12 for the Kindle Storeâ??s Urban, State & Local Government category.

The legislation has stirred up both support and controversy. While a new poll shows that the majority of New Yorkers support the legislation, more than half the counties in New York have passed resolutions to repeal it, including Onondaga, Oswego, Oneida, and Madison counties in Central New York.

Would you purchase a Kindle edition of the NY SAFE Act?