'Kissing Spine' operation called a success

Olivia, an ex-racehorse, is now reported pain-free after pioneering surgery to relieve her arthritic spine

There is good news for an ex-racehorse in Fulton, recovering from surgery to relieve an arthritic back condition.

Olivia, rehabbing at ReRun NY, a thoroughbred adoption agency, had the surgery in early February. She's the first horse in this country to have the pain-relieving surgery, pioneered here by Dr. Christy Cable, from Ithaca, who convinced the mare's prior owner to donate her, and who worked out the post-operation routine in Fulton.

Xrays and a physical exam may show the horse no longer has pain, but it's not the end of the story: Olivia developed lots of defensive habits while she was suffering, and Sue Swart, who runs ReRun's New York Chapter, has been working with her to break those habits and make her more 'people friendly.' When we visited, Swart told us the operation was a big step for this horse, and for others who are not adoptable because they're not rideable. She has high hopes that Olivia, now pain-free, can be retrained.

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