'Kitty Crisis': 21 kittens dropped off at Fairmount Animal Hospital

Another view of the box full of kittens / photo: Brandon Roth

The Fairmount Animal Hospital is dealing with a "kitty crisis".

A cardboard box containing 21 kittens was brought to the animal hospital Thursday morning. A customer found the box on her morning walk. Kristin Klein, adoption manager for the hospital, says the kittens are about two to three weeks old and require around the clock care.

"Having 21 kittens who are still nursing is extremely hard on the staff," she says.

The hospital has a small adoption program, but Klein says they don't have the manpower to care for all of the kittens, which need to be fed every three hours.

Friday morning, the anima l hospital told CNY Central that they no longer need any foster homes, but could use still use donations of kitten milk-replacement formula (KMR) or money. They said they also have received volunteer support, and are set for now on that front. Anyone interested in volunteering in the future can call the hospital at 468-3446.

If you are interested in adopting the kittens when they are old enough (in about three to four weeks), you can stop by the animal hospital at 3705 West Genesee Street and fill out an application. The hospital says it has found permanent homes for ten of the 21 kittens so far.

"If you can lend a hand fostering some of the kittens that would be great. Or, if you're ready for a kitten in the next couple of weeks, put an application in for them 'cause they are ready for a good home," Klein says.

True Blue Veterinary Hospital, also located on West Genesee Street, is caring for another 20 plus kittens from a similar drop off in a park more than a month ago. If you want to help them, they can be reached at 488-3000.

Have you ever taken in a stray kittens? Do you recommend fostering or adopting a pet? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.