La Piazza set to open in long vacant spot in Armory Square

La PIazza.

La Piazza is just about ready to open.

Konstantinos Katsiroumbas owns La Piazza. "This is like a few days before your wedding. You're very stressed and very excited at the same time," says Katsiroumbas.

It's been more than four years since Ambrosia closed here. This prime piece of real estate in the heart of Armory Square has sat vacant ever since then. Now, there's new life coming into this space and downtown is buzzing.

Peter Depasquale is applying to work at La Piazza. "When you see it specifically in an area, it's a little bit more encouraging and I think Armory Square is one of those encouraging areas which is why I live and want to work around here," says Depasquale.

"I want to put an addition to Armory Square and I want all my neighbors to see as a good neighbors that I'm not here to steal the business, I'm here to bring more business," says Katsiroumbas.

The new owner wants to add to the ongoing revitalization of downtown. He hopes his menu featuring italian food, greek specialities and steak will bring people packing into the new neighbor on the block.

"It's very very important that we offer something unique and a food that nobody else have in Armory Square and hopefully we draw more people down on this area," says Katsiroumbas.

La Piazza plans to have a soft opening sometime next week. Before they can do that they need to fill about 60-80 positions. If you would like to apply you can go into the restaurant on the corner of Walton and Franklin between the hours of 11am and 4pm over the next few days.