'Dude, you won a million bucks!': Lafayette man wins jackpot on lottery scratch-off

Lafayette man claims $1 million lottery winnings

A Lafayette man will claim his $1 million prize from a New York Lottery scratch-off ticket.

Yolanda Vega presented a ceremonial prize check to Colton Harrison, 26, at The Depot in Jamesville where he bought the ticket.

Harrison won the top prize on the "Jumbo Bucks" scratch-off game, which was launched last month.

Harrison said Tuesday that he had stopped into The Depot after work with a coworker to buy some beer and a couple of scratch off tickets.

"I saw the letters 'JACKPOT' and didn't even know what to do," Harrison said. "I was in awe." When his coworker took a look at the ticket, Harrison said he exclaimed, "Dude, you won a million bucks!"

After withholdings, Harrison will pocket $529,440, Vega said.

Despite the big win, Harrison said he doesn't plan to make many changes to his life, other than paying off some debt and getting a new dirt bike. He said he plans to stay in Lafayette, continue working at his job and put away the rest of his winnings into savings.