LaFayette school district to implement anti-bullying program

LaFayette school board meeting

After Thursday night's heated LaFayette school board meeting, the school district is talking about what they plan to do about the bullying problem.

After the modified boys lacrosse bullying incident, the school is changing the way they report bullying within the district.

Currently there is bully button on the website that reports bullying to the principal.

However, starting in the fall the school will be changing this from one principal in the building to several administrators.

Before this incident, LaFayette was already working with the Liverpool School District to talk to them about an anti-bullying program they use in their school.

The Positive Behavior Intervention Plan will be started at Grimshaw Elementary School this September. This program could be moved into the middle and high school too. It aims to teach children about proper behavior.

The school is encouraging anyone from the community who is interested in helping to stop this problem to sign up for a committee being started by the school board.

This committee will aim to look for any changes and suggestions which could be useful in the district.