Lake effect snow band drops two feet of snow on southern Oswego County

Heavy snow in parts of Oswego County

Parts of Oswego County are digging out from a lake effect snow band that pounded the area.

to two feet of snow fell in parts of the county. It was an extremely narrow band. Just ten miles from where the snow hit, there was only a dusting of snow.

The following are the totals for some specific areas:

**Scriba 2'

Fulton â?? Central Square â?? Pennellville â?? Volney 18-26â??

**Clay/Cicero 1 to 8â??

**Downtown SYR 0â??

Some neighbors were jealous of their snow-free neighbors to the south but others accepted it as a reality of living in Central New York.

"You watch the radar all the time and you get an idea, what's happening all the time. We're ready for it though," said Pennellville neighbor as he used a snow blower to clear his driveway.

But one man's annoyance is another man's treasure. Snowmobiler Denver Splawn spent Sunday night hoping the lake effect band would stay right over Pennellville and give the area a good snow base.

"You get that one lucky band, it hits that certain area, you're just hoping and praying it's in your neck of the woods," said Splawn just before heading out on the trails.