Lake Effect Snow heading for CNY this weekend

Find your snow brush and for some of us, snow shovel. Finish raking the leaves and bring in the garden hose on Saturday. This weekend will feature the first important snow of the season for many parts of central NY including downtown Syracuse. It all begins tonight with the first, weaker, cold front moving through with rain. If you are out-and-about this evening, tonight or even most of the daytime Saturday, we have no major weather worries. But, Saturday evening the arctic cold front, the one that means business, comes through and the the cold air really starts pouring in on a gusty northwest wind.

The lake effect machine with wet snow gets going directly east of Lake Ontario Saturday afternoon and 1-4" could fall into Saturday evening, especially on the Tug. Then, behind the arctic front, winds quickly turn northwest Saturday evening shifting the lake snow area down into Syracuse and across CNY and remains here through Sunday. Blustery northwest winds, lake snows of varying intensities and wind chill temperatures in the single numbers will be the rule through Sunday. At this time, I am expecting 1-4" of snow east of Lake Ontario. For the Syracuse and CNY area, 3-7" of snowfall with upwards of 5-10" over the higher elevations, hills south of Syracuse, Route 5/20 south into parts of Cortland and northern Chenango counties. Be aware, wind gusts past 30 mph at times will mean blowing and drifting snow with reduced visibilities.

Conditions should improve rather quickly Sunday Night. Next week, as we have been saying, it will be a brisk and chilly Thanksgiving week. We will continue to monitor an east coast storm that, according to our latest computer models, should slide just east of CNY, but it could be wet OR wet and messy over New England through the middle Atlantic States. Stay tuned. Watch us for more details and updates, and you can FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @WayneStormWatch. Have a good weekend.