Last person to see Margaret Zavalidroga shares his side of the story


he disappearance of 83 year old Margaret Zavalidroga remains a mystery.

"As far a dehydration and any other thing, if she injured herself. I'm getting very worried."

Thomas Zavalidroga last saw his mother on Friday afternoon around 2:30. He went to his friends house on Genesee Street to use a trailer. He and his friend picked up a car his mother had purchased that morning which needed to be towed back from a used car dealer one mile down the road, because it needed electrical work done to it.

She has not been seen since. Police say he left his mother alone in his van at his friends house for an hour and a half, but Zavalidroga says he was gone for 45 minutes.

"She is accustomed to reading in her car and doing other work. So she enjoys just sitting in the car usually," says Zavalidroga.

Police say they have searched much of the woods around where she was last seen with dogs and helicopters, but Zavalidroga says the search has not been expansive enough.

"She was capable of walking a great distance. I think that was something the police didn't understand when they conducted these searches that she could walk a mile or maybe even two miles," says Zavalidroga.

Police say he has not been cooperative and has been reluctant to give them information and pictures.

"We were not able to get photos immediately, but the photos were provided and any other information and I provided a lot more information than they actually requested," says Zavalidroga.

Zavalidroga says his mother filed an appeal on Thursday for a multi million dollar civil lawsuit she was involved in. He thinks this could have caused someone to follow her and kidnap her.


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here may be more to it than what people think