Latest updates on ship that ran aground in St. Lawrence Seaway

<span id="bIImageViewer_CaptionTextID">The Orsula is now traveling up the St. Lawrence Seaway, after being grounded in Lake Ontario until Sunday evening</span>

The Orsula, which ran aground on Thursday, is now waiting in line to make its way through the locks in Massena. The ship is headed toward Montreal and is being escorted by the tug Salvor.

You can follow the ship's progress

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Three tugs were accompanying the 656-foot long grain carrier, which ran aground on Thursday, just east of Tibbetts Point, at the entry to the St. Lawrence seaway near Cape Vincent.

The Orsula was re-floated Sunday evening after salvage crews unloaded part of her cargo of grain and emptied her ballast. They fired up her engines, but there were concerns about damage to her propeller.

The Coast Guard worked with the shipâ??s company and the salvage company to ensure the vessel was safely refloated.

"Our job is to make sure the ship's crew follows its own vessel response plan, which includes contacting their contracted responders, and we also make sure proper procedures are followed to safely refloat their vessel," said Lt. Andrew Sweeney, chief Inspections Division for Sector Buffalo. "We also gather information concerning the marine casualty investigation."

The ship was coming from Duluth, Minnesota with a cargo of durum wheat bound for Italy.

The Seaway closes for the winter on Monday, so there's a push to get the ship going. The Seaway will wait until all the ships waiting pass through the lock before closing for the winter.

A contracted oil spill removal organization was on scene throughout the operation as a precaution, though no pollution, flooding or injury was reported.

Earlier reports said she had significant propeller damage. There have been no reports of leaks, or pollution. Cause of the grounding remains under investigation.