Latino community prays after string of recent shootings


his Latino Festival shows off the best and brightest of Latin culture, with spanish rice, Latin music and the Puerto Rican flag all proudly on display.

Even with so many high points at this festival, it's the low points which dominate the day.

Fanny Villarreal has been organizing these Latino festival's for more that 20 years. "I

t was suddenly


so it was like what happened? We didn't have this in a long time



t used to be peaceful

," says Villarreal.

Five shootings near this festival last weekend took the lives of three men and injured two more. All of them are Hispanic.

To help grieve and move forward during this festival, this Latino community prayed for peace in their neighborhood.

Keida Morales came to the festival alongside many others from her community. "T

hey pray for the families who lost someone and they pray for the people who still want to get revenge

," says Morales.


rganizers with the festival say the turnout is much lower than other years due to the shootings this past weekend. Many people who did make their way to the festival say they're currently scared to go outside.


t used to be better back in the days

. L

ike there's a lot of killing right now here on the west side

. L

ike nobody wanna come out no more, you know what I mean

," says a neighbor who did not want to be named.

Others like Kaleigh Santiago are hoping events like these will bring the community together and would like to see more of these events in the immediate future.


verybody could just come together and there would be less violence and less crime if people would... More events like this people would just come and have a good time ," says Santiago.