Laurie Fine reasserts claim that ESPN's reporting on sex allegations was libel

Attorney Lawrence Fisher with Laurie Fine at Belhurst Castle news conference.

The serve and volley of the libel lawsuit between sports media giant ESPN and the wife of former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine is back in ESPN's court. It has until August 27th to reply to a motion filed on behalf of Laurie Fine in Federal Court today.

Attorney Lawrence Fisher asked a judge to keep the entire libel lawsuit intact. ESPN moved last month to dismiss the section of the suit where Laurie Fine claims she was libeled by ESPN's reporting of Bobby Davis' claims that Laurie Fine had sex with members of the Syracuse University basketball team. ESPN said it was simply reporting on the legal action Davis took against Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim.'s reporting is included in one of the Exhibits in this court filing. There is a reference to the sites coverage of the former accuser number three in the Bernie Fine case Zach Tomaselli. Specifically it is an article on that quotes from a article on the day Tomaselli publicly admitted he made up his story of being abused as a 13 year old boy by the former Syracuse assistant coach.

Bernie Fine has denied all allegations of abuse. The U.S. Attorney in Syracuse continues to have an open investigation into the matter.

A Federal hearing on the ESPN's Motion to Dismiss one part of the Laurie Fine lawsuit could take place in September.