Laurie Fine to speak out on 'scandalous lies' in Bernie Fine scandal

We'll soon get the chance to hear from one of the major players in the Bernie Fine sex abuse scandal.

Bernie's wife, Laurie, is planning to speak out on Wednesday about what her lawyer calls "scandalous lies." A news conference is scheduled for 11am Wednesday at Belhurst Castle in Geneva.

CNYCentral's Michael Benny spoke with Laurie Fine's attorney Lawrence H. Fisher, who is an attorney from Pittsburgh, PA. Fisher told Benny, "Laurie Fine may be joined by some of her friends and family members when she makes a public statement Wednesday." Fisher's legal biography indicates he is a litigation strategist, with a range of experience in civil rights matters, commercial litigation, entertainment law and other complex disputes.

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Belhurst Castle does not know why Laurie Fine picked them

Michael Benny asked Fisher if Laurie Fine will be filing a lawsuit on Wednesday. Fisher said, "I leave it for you to deduce why she hired an attorney?" Fisher was vague when asked about the location for Wednesday's announcement, saying it will be made clear when Laurie Fine breaks her silence.

Benny pointed out to Fisher that Belhurst Castle is considered by many to be haunted. Fisher responded, "How appropriate given the nature of this case." As for when Fine hired Fisher, and why she chose an out of state attorney, Fisher would only say that he was retained by Fine "a few months ago."

Laurie Fine was thrust into the center of the scandal after ESPN released a taped phone conversation between her and Bobby Davis, who accused Bernie Fine of sexual abuse. In the tape, Laurie seems to acknowledge the abuse, and says "Bernie has issues." The day that tape came out, Bernie Fine was fired from his job as associate head basketball coach at Syracuse University.

Bernie Fine has denied any wrongdoing, and no charges have been filed against him. The federal investigation continues.

In the fallout from the scandal, Bobby Davis and his step-brother, Mike Lang, sued head coach Jim Boeheim for defamation. Davis and Lang claimed Boeheim knew he was lying when he called them liars shortly after the allegations came out. In court filings in the defamation case, Davis submitted statements saying Laurie Fine had sexual relationships with basketball players, and Boeheim would have known about those activities. A judge later determined Laurie Fine's sex life was irrelevant to the defamation lawsuit, but the accusations had already become public knowledge. The defamation lawsuit was dismissed on Friday.

CNY Central will have full coverage of Laurie Fine's announcement Wednesday. Stay with NBC3 and CBS5 News, along with for continuing coverage.