Laurie Fine's alleged sex life ruled irrelevant to Boeheim defamation case

The sex life of Laurie Fine, the wife of former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, was deemed irrelevant to the defamation lawsuit against SU and Jim Boeheim. That is the ruling from a judge in New York City.

Friday morning, attorneys representing Syracuse head basketball coach Jim Boeheim and SU were in New York County Civil Court in Manhattan.

The issue at hand was also whether the court would order Boeheim's attorneys to turn over records including team rosters and current contacts of former players, basketball team travel records and records of any complaints or document acknowledging complaints against either Bernie Fine or his wife Laurie within the Syracuse basketball program. The judge denied that motion as well.

In a last minute court filing Thursday night, Attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing accusers Bobby Davis and Mike Lang, requested that allegations that Fine's wife Laurie had sex with SU basketball players be allowed in the lawsuit. She says that information is relevant to the defamation case against SU and Boeheim. Attorney's for Boeheim rejected the idea, saying bringing in the personal sex lives of Bernie and Laurie Fine has no bearing on the case.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Davis and Lang who claim Boeheim's longtime assistant Bernie Fine sexually abused them for years. The suit says Boeheim slandered Davis and Lang when he initially called them liars who were out for money.

Davis and Lang cannot pursue a criminal case against Fine because the allegations go back too many years.

Boeheim's attorneys have asked the judge to dismiss the case, saying there was no defamation because Boeheim was only offering his opinion when he initially reacted to allegations of abuse leveled against his former assistant coach Bernie Fine. They have also asked that the trial venue be moved to Syracuse. There is a hearing on that in Onondaga County on February 21.

Gloria Allred would not comment on the ruling.

(Read the court documents)