Law targeting pawn shops may impact Syracuse record store

Sound Garden in Armory Square

Fans of The Sound Garden music store are afraid proposed law targeting pawn shops could close downtown Syracuse business.

The city is trying to fight the problem of stolen goods being sold at pawn shops. Since The Sound Garden sells used CDs and DVDs, it would be affected by the proposed amendment to the Second Hand Dealer Law.

The proposal would require stores which buy used items to catalog them in a police database so stolen items could be tracked. Those opposed to the law saw it would be expensive.

The Sound Garden issued a statement Tuesday saying the store is working the City Council on the proposed amendment and thanking the community for support.

The Sound Garden is located on West Jefferson Street in Armory Square. It opened in December 1996 and employs approximately 20 people.

According to The Sound Garden, customers sell or trade more than 15,000 pieces of media each month. The store says it has been keeping a log of all cash buys for years, which have been available to police.

The Sound Garden said in a statement, "The opening of our current location was presided over by Mayor Matt Driscoll. Dennis Brogan & now Laurie Reed from the Downtown Committee have always, and continue to, work cooperatively with us. The SPD is fully aware of our buying procedures. In February of 2008, SPD Detective Skardinsky worked with us to revise them."

Protestors of the amendment are expected outside of City Hall at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday before a budget meeting at noon.