Lawmakers fight for Eastwood project to move forward

Majority Leader Kathleen Joy / Jessica Cain

Syracuse Common Councilors are speaking out, asking the City Planning Commission to help a proposed project in Eastwood move forward.

Majority Leader Kathleen Joy and 5th District Councilor Nader Maroun say a plan to put a Kinney Drug store in a vacant lot on James St. in Syracuse would generate jobs and revenue for the city.

They also hope it would start a chain reaction to renovate more buildings in that area, including the empty building where the Steak and Sundae restaurant used to be.

"Every day that I look at this, I'm so discouraged by what I see, but I'm encouraged by what it could be," says Maroun.

Vince Marcoccia is developing the property. He says he has had complaints about the vacant lot but hasn't been able to move a project forward.

"Over the years, we've heard it doesn't look good and things like that," says Marcoccia. "We've tried to get it developed over the years but to no avail up to this point."

Marcoccia says the project is stalled because in order for it to move forward, two nearby houses have to be zoned commercial. Right now, only one of the them is, and the Planning Commission decided not to schedule a public hearing to get the other house zoned commercial.

We have a call in to the Planning Commission for comment but have not heard back yet.

CNYCentral's Alex Dunbar spoke to neighbors in Eastwood. Watch his story here.

What would you like to see in Eastwood? Do you think a Kinney Drug Store would help spur development in the area? Leave your comments below.