Left turn only marking spelled wrong on Comstock Avenue in Syracuse

While CNY Centralâ??s Alex Dunbar was at the site, crews showed up to fix the sign.

Anyone can make a spelling mistake but a small error made by a Syracuse DPW painting crew on Thursday received a lot of attention.

The word "only" below a left turn arrow at the intersection of Comstock and Harrison streets was painted with two letters reversed. To drivers, it read as "olny."

When it was pointed out, the spelling error got some laughs but most drivers did not even notice it on their own. Dorit Barleby saw it as she walked by and said it was likely most people subconsciously auto-corrected it in their minds.

"If all the letters are jumbled up in a word but the first and the last letter are accurate then the mind reads it correctly," said Barleby.

Just minutes after pictures of the misspelling were put on Twitter, a DPW crew was back on the scene. They painted over the misspelling and then put stencils down to repair it. There are around 412 miles of roadway in Syracuse and while mistakes are bound to happen - a sense of humor helps.

"It was just human error. We all become very complacent with our jobs and didn't check his work before he painted it," said First Deputy Commissioner with the Department of Public Works Tom Simone. "Mistaken happen and we're here to repair that mistake as quickly as possible...Nobody likes to be pointed out for the mistakes they do have and we hope they are few and far between but you have to roll with the punches."

Many of the people who noticed the error said it was a good reminder that nobody is perfect and that is why we need erasers and spell checks.