Legionella concerns family members at James Square


For every visit, Leah McVicker brings her mother a cooler of goodies. Her mom has been living at James Square for four years. Leah lives out of town, so when she heard the recent news about the positive testing of Legionella-she was concerned.

"I'm scared, it's a serious issue. I just found out about it yesterday and I'm trying to get some answers. But, I'm worried about her safety and everybody else who lives here," says McVicker.

The New York State Health Department says a water restriction remains in place until the water system is fixed. They say James Square has hired an independent water consultant and is in the process of treating the facility's water system and installing filters. The Department of Health is working with James Square. They say the nursing home is providing safe water to people who live there.

But, some still want more to be done to keep people safe.

"I'd like to get some answers and I'd like to be assured that it's not going to be a problem. That nobody's going to get sick from this or die from this," says McVicker.

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