Legislation aims to close drunk driving loophole

Legislation in Albany aims to close what lawmakers say is a "bizarre" drunk driving loophole.

"Abbagail's Law" would make it illegal for someone under the influence of alcohol to get a ride in car driven by someone with a learner's permit.

"Astonishingly, there is currently no law that prevents someone from being drunk or under the influence of drugs and still acting as the â??supervising driverâ?? for an inexperienced driver with only a Learnerâ??s Permit,â?? Senator Ritchie said.

The New York State Assembly has passed the bill, sponsored by Senator George D. Maziarz. He represents the 62nd District in New York State, which covers Western New York.

The bill is named for Abbagail Buzard, an eight year-old girl from Western New York who was killed in a car crash in 2009.

Authorities said Abbagailâ??s father, Corey Buzard, convinced a 17-year-old cousin, who only had a learnerâ??s permit, to drive him to a store to buy more alcohol.

Abbagailâ??s father was drunk at the time and, according to police, put four children in the backseat, including Abbagail.

The driver of the car crashed after speeding on a road in Orleans County.

Abbagail was killed in the crash.

The bill has been sent to the New York State Assembly.

Corey Buzard served six months in prison for criminal negligence, but could not be charged with a more serious crime.