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      Legislators give public another month to review $100 million amphitheater project

      T he Onondaga County Legislature voted Tuesday to slow down the rush to build a $100 million amphitheater development on the West Shore of Onondaga Lake.

      Lawmakers decided to extend the public comment period for another month. T he next public hearing on the project will be August 26th.

      A number of environmental organizations and citizens groups complained Governor Cuomo and Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney are pushing the amphitheatre project through without sufficient time to review potential economic and environmental impacts.

      Republican Kevin Holmquist told his fellow legislators, "I'm asking that we have a full public hearing process so this is a resolution the proponents, opponents can really embrace. I think it's going to improve the process amd improve the transparency."

      The amphitheatre would be build along the western shore of the lake. E nvironmentalists worry about possible contamination from a century of industrial exploitation while others are concerned about the affect an amphitheater would have on competition for events at the New York State Fairgrounds.