Levon Wameling's mother wants answers to her questions

Levon Wameling


my Warney is desperate, desperate to know what happened to her nine month old boy Levon. After addressing the media tonight, the little boy's mother pleaded with her community for any help they can provide her with.

"I have nothing. All I have is to sit there on an empty stomach, that's it," says Warney. "Is my baby ok? Who did this to my baby? If my baby is in your house, please return him to his mother where my baby is comforted, loved, fed, pampered, bathed, slept well. I just ask everyone that if you do see Levon Wameling anywhere, dead or alive please contact the police and get him where I can put him to rest."

After seeing this little boy go missing, several members from this Utica community are coming together as they start a search through the city for something or anything at all that will reunite little Levon with his mother.

Susan Arcuri is one of the members from this group of roughly 20 neighbors who is trying to find Levon. "W

e thought that it was time that the community come out and support the family and help with the foot work, the knocking on the doors to find out if somebody saw something at some period of time

," says Arcuri.

Steven Magnyssen is a father who can't imagine what Amy must be going through right now. "We're trying to assist the authorities, we're trying to get this baby back to his mom. That's what we're trying to do," says Magnyssen.

"I just want answers. I want to know if my baby's alive, I want to know if my baby is dead. I wanna know if he's suffering somewhere. I just wanna know answers. That's all I want is answers to where my baby is," says Warney.