Lewis County parents searching for missing son

Lewis County parents searching for missing son

It is a frantic search with very few leads.

A.J. and Valerie McCall have been looking for their son, Kenny, for more than a month.

He disappeared in the North Country in mid June.

It is a parent's worst nightmare, and now, they are desperate for answers.

"You wake up every day wondering if this is going to be the day you hear from him or hear that he's been located. It's very emotionally draining. It's stressful," Valerie said.

Kenny and his girlfriend were visiting his sister in Natural Bridge, N.Y.

On the way home to Cortland, they decided to stop for a swim in a river near the Town of Diana.

Kenny's girlfriend was found the next day.

She said they lost their car after becoming disoriented.

Kenny went off alone to look for the vehicle.

That was the last time anyone saw him, shortly after, an exhaustive search began.

"Just to see if we find something. His bag, his cell phone, anything that he might have dropped to show evidence that he's gone in. But so far, it's five weeks tomorrow and we've just not had any evidence that he's in the woods," A.J. said.

A.J.'s concern is at an all-time high.

Kenny has lived with anxiety and other issues.

A.J. fears it has gotten worse since Kenny went missing.

There have been two possible sightings in Syracuse but noting came of it.

The McCalls are hoping good news is around the corner.

" That's still my goal. Just to bring him home," A.J. said.

Home to a loving family that is hoping someone out there knows what happened to their son.

If you see Kenny or have any information about his disappearance, you are encouraged to call the Lewis County Sheriff's Office or the New York State Police.

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