Life almost back to normal a week after abduction of two young Amish girls

Stephen Howells II and Nicole Vaisey

Life among the Amish in a northern New York community is easing into a sense of normalcy a week after two young sisters were kidnapped from their family farm and as more allegations emerge about their day in captivity.

Smiling men waved from their buggies at passing strangers this week as the girls' father stood with his arms draped loosely around two of his young boys, offering produce for sale at the farm stand where the 7- and 12-year-old girls were lured into a car on Aug. 13.

The father says his daughters are "doing fine."

Investigators continue to go through evidence from the home of 25-year-old Nicole Vaisey and 39-year-old Stephen Howells Jr. They're being held on kidnapping charges.

Authorities say the couple intended to keep the girls as slaves and sexually abused them.