Lightning strikes Lady Liberty? Real or fake or misnamed?

Photo Credit: Jay Fine

You might call it the shot of a lifetime. But, wait, is this picture real? These days it is tough to know if a picture has been altered or photoshopped. It is certainly conceivable that this picture is authentic. However, it is always good to question what you see. Still, a better question that I have is: Did the lightning bolt actually hit the Statue of Liberty? I am not an expert in analyzing photographs. However, to me, it looks like the strike point of the lightning is behind Lady Liberty on the land behind the water (New Jersey). Regardless, this electric photo taken by Jay Fine is much better than his last name would indicate.

What do you think? Is this shot real or fake? Do you think the Statue of Liberty was struck by lightning? Have you ever capture lightning on film? With a regular or digital camera, the chances are nearly slim to none. If you are a professional photographer who has the equipment to keep the camera lens shutter open long enough to capture lightning strikes, this shot is money. Let me know by commenting on this web story at the bottom of this web page. If you have pictures of lightning submit them to MyCNYcentral where you can share your pictures with everyone else.

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