Liverpool community chorus members respond to David Renz pleading guilty

Lori Bresnahan

Earlier this morning memories from a horrific night in March came back to the front of many minds throughout the area.

This horrific crime has been in the thoughts of those all across Central New York as seen at last months candle light vigil. The minds of Debbie Thomas and Gloria Card were cluttered with emotion after they heard the news David Renz had plead guilty to the first degree murder of their longtime friend through the Liverpool Community Chorus, Lori Bresnahan.

"There's anger, there's anger that he's not getting the death penalty immediately and I know it's wrong to take a life, but I myself even agree that why should we keep this vermin alive? I think people are just angry," says Card.

"Relief, relief for the family that they don't have to go through a trial. Relief for the little girl that she doesn't have to deal with this and hopefully she can start recovering," says Thomas.

A second count Renz plead guilt to was the sexual assault of the 10 year old girl. This plea means she will not testify.

"I think that probably even with such a stain on her heart and on her soul that she'll be fine, but I'm so grateful that she doesn't have to appear before a court and testify," says Card.

A testimony no one will need to hear as this community attempts to move forward starting with today's guilty plea.

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