Liverpool Community Chorus remembers Lori Bresnahan

The Liverpool Community Chorus sang a song in memory of Lori Bresnahan at Tuesday's practice.

At Tuesday night's practice, the Liverpool Community Chorus paid tribute to Lori Bresnahan, who was a member of the choir in the early 1990s.

Several members of the choir sung with Bresnahan, and remember her fondly. "She loved to sing," said Lisa Holt, who knew Bresnahan for nearly 20 years. "She had such a beautiful voice. She had a beautiful smile. That's what everybody remembers now, is that smile."

"She enjoyed a good laugh," said Debbie Thomas, who remained friends with Bresnahan after she left the chorus. "[She] could crack a joke with anybody. Just very personable."

Thomas particularly remembers her love for the chorus. "She just loved the arts," said Thomas. "You know, anything with the arts - theater, books, children. Children were her main thing. She loved being able to teach them books."

The chorus sang a song in Bresnahan's memory at the practice, and announced it will be making a donation in her honor to the children's section of the Liverpool Public Library.